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American version. Watching it with my daughter….thoughts to follow.

Cat’s Eye (1985)

Directed by: Lewis Teague

Staring: James Woods, Drew Barrymore, Robert Hays

So yes…we all know there is nothing scary about this movie. It is one of King’s tamer book to movie adaptations.

Based on 3 short stories:

  • Drew Barrymore is young and cute and scared of a jester suit wearing gremlin kinda thing
  • James Woods HAS to quit smoking or bad things will happen to his family
  • Rober Hays has to take on a bet that could mean his life.

Really NOTHING scary in any of them. But a fun Twilight Zone kind of movie good for Halloween afternoon!


Christine (1983)

Director: John Carpenter

Staring: Keith Gordon, John Stockwell

I don’t know if you can get much better than the minds of Stephen King and John Carpenter coming together. The amazing result of this meeting is the movie Christine. Sure it is dated now. But I remember the terror this movie caused in me when I was a little kid. The special effects are horrible…but they weren’t to a 13/14 year old in the 80’s. 

Enjoyable. Fun. Creepy as hell. 

Desperation to be loved by both boy and car….

Love it


OK…about halfway through and so far…BORING!

Going to save this as a draft and finish it and then post the rest of my review… 

OK…back again. 

3 friends mourning the death of their other friend go and pay their respects at his grave, get drunk, read a poem, dance on graves…wake up the ghosts of 3 killers. A rapist, a little pyro, and a killer.

Boring is the best word I can come up with for this. The acting wasn’t good or bad. Unremarkable really. Long periods of not much happening and then a quick shock meant to scare, then back to boring nothingness.

The most interesting part of this was the story. Just…boringly executed.

C at most. And just because it is average.

I HATE DOLLS! But the movie was awesome! Seriously it was like the attack of murderous Lilliputians. Add to that the creepy old people and you have a winning combination. This movie really was bad…but in a great way. The characters are all horrid. Really…from 10 minutes in I was hoping more than half the cast was going to get hacked eaten, stabbed,chomped on and any other evil thing an 18 inch doll could do to them…and at that point not even a single doll had shown its creepy little face.

Moral of the story…stay young at heart. 

Thanks to moviesludge for this great recommendation! There are amazing movie .gifs there!

So far Recommended Movie Only week is a blast!

Netflix: Dolls

Thanks to MOVIESLUDGE I just watched this! I don’t think I have seen this since I was 16-17 (So…20 years ago) and worked in a local video rental store.

Creepy! Is there anything that sets you on edge worse than prank phone calls? Especially when you are alone in the house? I am going to jump every time my phone rings for a week now.

I don’t know if there is anything better than a good 1970’s horror movie. This one does what it needed to do. No outrageous special effects, no gore just for gores sake…it left a lot to the imagination and sometimes that is worse! (Scarier). 

OH! And props to another horror movie with John Saxon as the local cop. A role he plays soooo well!

While I appreciate the things we are able to do and show in movies now, the ick factor has taken the place of actually writing a good scary story. We jump at the special effects instead of walking away just scared of what could be between us and our cars in the movie theater parking lot. 

B+  (It lost a few points since I have no clue who Billy or Agnes were (what the killer referred to himself as)…something should have come out at some point about that)

Thanks again MOVIESLUDGE

OK..Someone needs to go work at Netflix and tell them how to define movies. Sci-Fi? NOPE! Horror? NOPE! Scary? NOPE! Dark? Eh…in a everyone gets sick and dies kinda movie yeah…

The Genre should have read: Depraved humans who will do anything BUT help their fellow man kinda movie. 

The movie was…watchable. Every move was expected. The script unoriginal. 

C…and only cuz the guys were kinda cute.

Netflix: Carriers

Definition of CREEPY. This story freaks me out from its inception by Richard Matheson in the novel I AM LEGEND through this movie, Omega Man and the recent I am Legend with Will Smith.

This may be why I loved MOON so much also. The beyond creepiness of being alone for years and years. Truly alone. You talk to yourself, find anyway to entertain yourself that you can. Spend all of your time remembering and knowing that it is all gone. That ultimate loneliness is killer every time. Worse than any other horror gruesome aspect that could be added.

Vincent Price was amazing in this. The “vampires” were a little too zombie-ish for me to say it was a straight vampire movie. Omega man is tonight!

Netflix: The Last Man on Earth

Some movies never disappoint. This is one of them. Probably one of the best ways to spend an October Sunday afternoon. Chris Sarandon is as 80’s suave as they come although there is one creepy part when he turns into a vampire and looks just like Quentin Tarantino’s vampire in From Dusk Til Dawn. How they thought Amanda Bearse could pass as teenager when she looks every day of her 27 years is beyond me. And William Ragsdale was as cute and quirky as he is now. No scares and jumps…but a good old fashioned cult vampire flick!

Netflix: Fright Night

Confused. I can’t tell if I need to watch this movie again or not. I don’t know if I liked it or didn’t like it. It is labeled on Netflix as Supernatural Horror…I don’t know if that is right or not. I think I know what the writer/director was trying to accomplish…I just don’t know if he was able to pull it off. 

The acting was OK. David Caruso offended me less than he normally does. So that was a plus. 

I usually have a much more immediate reaction to a movie. I love it, I hate it, it was OK. I know these things up front after watching. 

I would like to open this one up to answers. So…Possible spoiler alert for those of you who haven’t seen it in the answers!

For those of you who have seen this movie…Was the guy just bonkers? or possessed? Is it worth it for me to re-watch this movie to figure it out?